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Digitization is the face of the future of every industry if they want to sustain in the ever-changing market and shifting paradigm and preference of consumers. The e-commerce industry is no exception. The retail industry has unleashed new avenues and opportunities for the promising retailers across the globe.

Over time the online shopping experience has evolved drastically and is not limited to just spending money on a product or service. As per a prediction by 2018 nearly 75% of the worldwide developer would be involved in creating multiple services and apps using Article Intelligence – The Big Data.

Some Starting Analytics in Artificial Intelligence

Of late in the recent past Artificial Intelligence has crafted an indispensable place in the market. It has been predicted by a study that by the end of this decade (2020) more than 85% of the customer support services will be managed by Artificial Intelligence.

If another study is to be believed, 90% of the online retailers have made up their minds to invest heavily in AI in the next 18 to 24 months. It is also predicted in this research that more than 65% of the survey respondents are confident that AI is the future and it is going to strengthen their business’ efficiency.

Coming to one more report, it has been established that online shoppers that interact with online opinion and reviews are 97% more inclined towards making a purchase and converting into actual buyer compared to those shoppers who do not interact with online reviews. On the other hand, the conversion rates of the brands have catapulted to nearly 78%.

How is AI acting as the Game Changer in E-commerce?

The changing shift of the eCommerce market towards artificial intelligence is clearly visible. What makes this paradigm shift the real crux requires attention. Let’s list out those ways in which AI is adding value to the e-commerce industry and gaining the traction:

1. Offering Personalized User Experience

Utilizing AI brands are offering personalized user experience to the shoppers and consistently proving its expertise in this field. It is enabling the online merchants and retailers to include personalized content and pages to their website and thus delivering reviews and recommendations to the online visitors. Such activities are not only reliable and trustworthy but it is also triggering the sales and making their purchases more interactive and impulsive. As such review and recommendations are based on earlier customers’ likes and are also coupled with the complementary products that they would like to buy.

2. Reliable and Sustainable Customer Support

The evolving technology has increased the competition dramatically and has triggered the customer service also which has become a major factor for a successful business. As per a study, nearly 75% of the shoppers like to purchase brands having great customer support. But the trend is the shoppers are more inclined towards having human interaction during customer support. On the other hand, the deputing human resource could be an expensive affair for the brands. But with the advent of AI, offering interactive customer services has become simple and affordable as well. Interactive chatbots have started playing a great role in this arena and have been utilized by many brands all over the world.

3. Faster and Accurate Decision Making

Artificial Intelligent has also helped in making the right and quick decision by the buyers. It has displayed expertise in managing and studying their purchase pattern, predicting their online behavior and in other data manipulation activities. AI has also helped online retailers to automate their businesses by generating all these analytical reports. No doubt, AI is the future of eCommerce industry and will drastically automat the entire process of eCommerce.

4. Beyond Catering to the Requirements

Data is the future. It is playing a crucial role in the development of online retailers. Online retail industry is the biggest data bank due to its regular and close interaction with the consumers. The irony is, not every eCommerce industry is able to utilize this rich source of data. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. It tracks and gathers every piece of data pertaining to the customer’s online activities starting from order history, purchase pattern to predictive analytics, and identify the navigation sequence and based on this they can easily predict the overall purchase pattern and next purchase of the visitor. This can drastically help the retailers to reschedule their email marketing and other strategies to pitch the buyers for chances of increasing sales.

5. Highly Safe and Secure

Considering the current scenario, it is believed that in future AI will help brands to earn their customers loyalty by offering them complete security against online fraud activities. With the growing trend and evolving technology, Artificial Intelligence will be able to deliver more precise behavioral predictions and expedite the checkout process. Today, according to a survey more than 13% buyers admitted that security concern is their major reason behind abandoning a cart. But in the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will be able to offer high-end security thus delivering peace of mind to the shoppers.


Above listed are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence in online businesses. Undoubtedly the advent of AI in eCommerce industry is going to transform the way online shopping is taking place today. It will not only deliver the simplest and fastest way of online purchases but will also offer completely secure purchases and prove to be a better revenue generator for the online brands. It is also equally important for the entrepreneurs to accordingly curate their e-commerce websites by hiring ecommerce marketplace development services company having dedicated Web Developers. Brands should know exact requirement and use the AI religiously to acquire the desired outcome.