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More and more reliable web developers are needed today in the age of technology and digitization. They are the major players in the success of any start-up. Although there may be many different types of developers, full-stack developers are the ones a business must stake in terms of investment. Let’s see what is Full-Stack Developer and tips to hire full stack developers.

What is a Full-stack Developer?

Such developers specialize in almost every programming language and are maestros in handling interface and back-end development.

Today there are nearly 19 genres of developers are available and most of the time full-stack developers are in demand in India. The demand has been increased to about 206% and more and more web development companies are looking to hire full-stack developers.

Either create a viable product that meets the threshold requirement for your startup idea or hire a full-stack developer and accomplish the 10 enterprise benefits. According to the kind of your product you require, hire a full-stack developer and in the right moment of your business.

Attributes to look for in Full-stack Developers

  1. Comfortable with single-page apps and media queries.
  2. Considerable experience with Mongo DB and MySQL.
  3. Web framework concepts must be clear like Node JS or Django.
  4. Basic knowledge of mobile app development is mandatory.
  5. Must be flexible with switching domains and can complete them under the deadline.

Why Full Stack developer is more dominant in startups?

A good full-stack developer can handle both front and back end requirements thoroughly.

The limited funding businesses gives lower development cost to the ratio of fewer resources.

A good full-stack developer that can handle both front and back ends of development is responsible for constructing the interface. They also build the software hence reduce the development cost that otherwise would have required two different paychecks.

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Full-stack programmers are hired by startups and SMEs so that:

  1. They can manage web development life-cycle
  2. They also can design programs and Code webs
  3. Also, engineer the design aspect with the front end development.
  4. Outer and in-house team members can able to coordinate well with their help.
  5. Development issues can be troubleshooted
  6. User-friendly testing processed can be identified for web applications.

These developers are maestros in modern trendy languages and frameworks that help in recreating design, functionality, and features of a solution.

Full-stack developers are a viable asset for any company because of their vast knowledge in languages such as JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Node, HTML, Angular, Apache, MongoDB, PHP, and other technologies.

When to Hire a Full-stack programmer?

Product development and delivery require very sophisticated work for a full-stack programmer. The right time to hire a full-stack developer in your inhouse squad could be below situations:

  1. When an MVP needs to be developed for your assignments.
  2. Whenever a project head gets an insight about the client’s requirement. It is also necessary because he/she also knows how to manage them.
  3. Full-stack developers ease your work hours because if you have them you don’t any other expert. They are budget-friendly as well.
  4. Full-stack developers are doing exceptionally phenomenal in the Google Trends area as well.

Below are 3 important caused that make Full-stack programmers cornerstones of any Startup.

1. Great Problem-solvers

Full-stack developers can transform a rudimentary concept into a meaningful one by working on multiple technologies and concepts. They are also able to solve complex design problems and solve critical development.

2. Excellent Versatility

Due to their versatility and scalability to blend into most of the programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and modern CMS systems the companies thrive on advantage with a versatile programmer who can manage any project.

3. They can think out of the box while developing a project and focus on the broader picture.

They can analyze the project with a broader aspect of understanding that empowers them to hardware the project with exceptional skill and fail-proof programming.


These are some of the Best tips to hire a full stack developers. If you are planning to launch your next project anytime soon, do not miss to contact the right web development company in India to hire a full-stack developer to make your project a successful one.