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When it comes to the Internet of Things, the concept is taking over the world into its stride. Industries are using it to utilize every automated device so that the workflow can be revised and trusted. The year 2024 will be an interesting year for IoT because this is the year where people will either witness the rise of the Internet of Things technology (IOT) Trends.

According to a survey conducted by Juniper Research, there are over 38 billion units already around the world and the numbers are just going to increase from here on and a new limit will be set. This indicates that there is a steady and simultaneous growth of the IoT facts in 2024. Although as the concept gains traction, there are also challenges of security and data breach.

Here are the Top 8 IoT trends of 2024:

1. IoT in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is now being considered as part of the IoT concept. It shares a network between/amongst friends or family. When the user enters the personal information in the system, no participant can access it until all the users agree to it. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a digital currency powered by Blockchain technology. It’s being called the Internet 2.0 because of its highly secure and encrypted manner of transactions between accounts in the world.

2. IoT in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare services industry is set to be rooted as the trend in 2024. Due to fast aging of developed countries population, which is expected to be 17% of the global population by the year 2050; IoT should come into play in offering the growing need of healthcare service. Through video links, healthcare providers are being able to interact with their patients.

In the future, patients can use this tech to send their vital data to their healthcare providers and enable remote diagnosis and treatment of diseases early on. Telehealth is one of the newer streams in the healthcare industry because of the growth of smart medical devices in the industry. Thus telehealth is the process by which doctors can monitor their patients’ health remotely.

3. IoT in the Food Industry

Due to the presence of the IoT concept, the food industry is doing pretty well too. Companies are now able to monitor their food and regulate the optimum temperature and humidity to keep the items fresh using effective industrial meters and the powerful sensors.

4. IoT in Public Property

Cities can be digitized and with the help of IoT, developments such as solar roads, smart bus stops, traffic controllers, and many other high tech engineered vehicles can be deployed to build a smart city.

5. IoT in Cybersecurity

IoT will have the greatest impact in the Cybersecurity sector because of the highly encrypted and transparent way of handling viruses and issues. Some organizations boast about the number of attacks on large and valuable setups that can be reduced with the introduction of IoT in certain industries.

6. IoT in Big Data

IoT is supposed to ace in this sector as well. Big data contains long and complex information analytics and needs to be decoded. With the introduction of IoT, the data can be decrypted automatically.

7. IoT in CRM

IoT in the CRM sector can automate the sales and customer relations made by a company and store it for future use. Using IoT data organizations can access the relevant information, when facing any technical or functional glitch.

8. IOT can Operates Smart Stores Proficiently

The local stores are converting better these days due to IoT. Using the tags based on radio frequency has made it easy to identify the product inventory of any store. At the same time, the store can streamline the time when products are ready for sale for the customers.


These are the top IoT technology trends that is going to impact our everyday activities. With the 5G it is going to change the way of life in the future. Get in touch with Mobile app development company.