How WorldWebTechnology’s Development team at Tappwater help achieve their goals?


TAPP Water provides affordable solutions for clean and sustainable water directly from the tap at home. The company is based in London, UK with operations in Barcelona Spain and a team of experienced water, product and technology experts.

Key Features

  • Integration of ecommerce into the website
  • Implementation of subscription plan for each user for specific tap plan
  • Implementing multilingual website
  • Different products based on language
  • Online Refund and return Management




Plugin Development



  • Implement a website with good user experience and user interface

  • Provide subscription functionality for the customers to come and take subscription online

  • Easy returns for the products

  • Local language for the website visitor based on the location they are visiting

  • Multilingual website implementation using multisite


We analysed the requirement and technical incapability of client ideas.

We collect some content from the client to feed in the website.

Provided client with solution for multilingual website and subscription

Implemented the functionality in the website as per the requirement

Each menu option and its appropriate category and content was highlighted and presented well by our technical team.

Also give ideas to generate more clients and business through facilities like quizzes as well as personalised emails.



Implement different site for different language


We implemented the concept of multisite based on languages for client such that there was a seperate website for client based on the language

Provide subscription plans to visiting customers


We developed a custom plugin that built the functionality to provide subscription plans to allow customers to buy them.

Decrease the loading time of website besides of heavy data and images


With our expert methods in WordPress speed optimization we were able to make the load time of the site in less than 3 seconds.

Implement online return functionality


We developed a custom plugin that built the functionality to provide refunds to customers on successful return request .


Multi Language Support

Multi Site Support for Better Reachability

Enhanced User Experience

User-Friendly Product Customization Options

Custom Admin Panel for Hassle-Free Order Management

Increase in Business Reach & Brand Visibility

Tailored Website to Match Clients Needs

Better Collaboration With Craftsman